Medical Document Retrieval
Chronological Organization
Expert Witness Review
Legal Nurse Consulting

DalyDocuments offers complete medical record retrieval, chronological organization, chart tabbing and indexing, reporting and summarizing, scanning and hosting.  A searchable CD deliverable in either PDF or Group IV Tiff format is included with your paper copy.  All DUPLICATE PAGES are removed and NOT charged for, offering immediate savings of 10% or more off every file. Summarizations, Timelines, and Chronology Reports can begin immediately upon receiving your first medical record; add more medical records to the reports as you need. Instantly access your file through our secured and HIPAA compliant document hosting site. FREE standard ground shipping on all orders.  Satisfaction always guaranteed.

Medical Document Retrieval:

  • Retrieve any Type of Medical Record from any Location
  • Pristine Set of Medical Records Maintained Throughout 
  • Secure Web Portal for Ease of Access, Ordering, and Managing Records
  • Organize and Filter your Records before sending to your Attorney/Expert

  • Manage Electronic Medical Records (EMR) throughout entire process
  • You maintain complete control over entire medical records life-cycle
  • Add additional EMR to the file as they're retrieved
  • Organized with Timeline Notes before Sending to your Experts
  • Save Money on Medical Record Review Times
  • Secure and HIPAA Compliant

  • 18 Minutes of Your Time Spent to Retrieve One Medical Record
  • 18 Days is Average Time It Takes to Receive the Medical Record
  • 1 out of 10 Records are Incomplete or Compliant
  • Let DalyDocuments Help Take the Hassle of Medical Records Retrieval out of Your Hands.
  • All retrieved and processed, physical and electronic, medical records will stay within US boundaries  
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.

 Medical Record Chronology

Medical records often show up unorganized and full of duplicate pages. Sometimes, even the occasional wrong patient. The medical records aren't even close to ready for attorney and expert review.  Add voluminous records from multiple locations and your challenges only multiple. DalyDocuments offers a painless solution that chronologically organizes your medical records by date, removes the duplicate pages, and scans them to a searchable PDF.  A pristine set of the medical records is maintained throughout. The removal of the duplicate pages from your working set is FREE of charge. This provides you with immediate savings and helps cut into the cost of organizing your medical records and helps reduce the eventual review time by your experts, saving you even more money. Include Timeline and Chronological Reports to each file and save even more time review time.

Do your medical records look like this?...
Or this?...
Or maybe this?...   


Let DalyDocuments help with...
  • Placing them in chronological date order. Provider chron available
  • Duplicate pages removed and FREE of charge
  • Document classification (key documents flagged/tabbed) 
  • Scanned to Searchable Electronic File
  • Electronic page numbering
  • Coded and Bookmarked with Hyper-links to each page
  • Index and Numbered
  • Securely hosted for Immediate Access in your own, private cloud-based workspace
  • Physical file tabbed and bound.  An exactly match to the electronic file
  • Cleaned up and ready for your Expert Witness
  • All this for one small fee, starting at $0.18 per medical record page (after dups removed)
  • Timeline and Chronology Reports are just $0.16 per medical record page (after dups removed)
  • Free ground shipping on all finished files 

Did you know that an average of 32% of all medical records are undiagnosed, misread, or duplicate pages?... Let DalyDocuments' Nurse Consultants look through your Medical Records and report back to you about every necessary page! 


...another 10% are non-chart, unnecessary documents related to the medical records  

  • DalyDocuments can retrieve any type of record.  Medical, Social Security, Veterans, Tax, and X-ray, etc.  
  • Organize them into a useful product without charging for the duplicate pages.
  • Share them with legal professionals, expert witnesses, insurance agents, etc.
  • Completely learn what each page has to offer.
  • Distribute to all required parties.
  • All this for one low cost!...

  • 10% or more savings off every chart.
  • Duplicate pages separated out.  Share only what you want.
  • Pristine set always included.
  • Physical and electronic records always stay within US boundaries
  • Allows for faster review times.  Direct savings from your Experts more than covers our cost.
  • Paperless medical records with instant, online access saves you even more money on copy and storage costs.


  • Physical X-Ray's can be scanned and added to the electronic file.
  • or Film to Film copies made and shipped along with the electronic and physical file.

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