Litigation Support

DalyDocuments offers full service imaging and coding solutions.  Every page is verified against the image to check for quality and project satisfaction.  Data entry offers subjective and objective coding along with OCR and page numbering. Integration into your existing databases with tested load files.  e-Discovery solutions allow for pre-planning, early data identification, data retrieving, and processing. True end-to-end automation from collection to production allows for consistency and price savings. Review and hosting platform available.  Production of data available in all formats.  Printed sets receive FREE standard ground shipping. Tiered pricing on all printed sets, the more you print, the more you save.   

Data Discovery Solutions:



e-Discovery Solutions: 

    • Readiness/Legal Hold
    • Collection
    • Analysis
    • Processing
    • Hosting/Review
    • Production


offers predictability, efficiency, and cost-savings e-Discovery.  We offer unprecedented speed, power, and scalability. Offering end-to-end automation of your entire e-Discovery lifecycle from readiness and legal hold; through collection, processing, review and production.  We are committed to the best customer service and functionality while providing for top quality products.

Our professional service will efficiently manage all your activities within the e-Discovery process.  Most importantly, its defensibility. Our e-Discovery consultants can help clarify your plans, goals, and create a solid management plan.  A proactive e-Discovery plan is crucial to your company's success.  With regards to litigation, e-Discovery costs can be the most burdensome aspect of the entire process.  Most of the escalating costs come from processing and reviewing of your data.  Let DalyDocuments assist with providing you the most effect solution available.

Collection and Early Analysis:
DalyDocuments manages the collection of all types of electronically stored information (ESI) from various sources and locations. The most important aspect of this process is the defensibility of the preformed action.  The collection can serve as the foundation of your e-Discovery case and offer cost efficient solutions to future e-Discovery requests.  Early analysis allows for a thorough understanding and immediate insight into the content of your data.  Rules for filtering and culling of the data sets are established at this time. DalyDocuments can help with best case strategy for collection and analysis of your ESI data:
    • Collect every type of file from all data sources
    • Collect only which data is necessary
    • Defensible and confidential
    • Native file processing and metadata extraction
    • De-duplication at custodian level
    • Predictive document ranking by relevance 
    • Objective and subjective filtering
Hosting/Review and Production:
Secure, cloud based access with scalability can fit any project size.  Repository that covers end-to-end lifecycle of your entire data set. Starting with processing and analysis, to searching and production.  Significantly reduce the number of documents you review, the time it will take to review, and your overall cost.  
    • Single place to load, process, search, and produce your data
    • Reduce cost by cutting down on mistakes
    • Full highlighting, redaction and annotation
    • Predictive rankings can help you find key documents and speed up the process
    • Completely scalable to handle the large cases but perfectly fit to handle the smaller ones
    • Produce documents in Native, TIFF or a combination or both
    • Page numbering and endorsement available on all electronic and paper sets

Litigation Scanning/Imaging:

Image Coding
Blowback Prints

DalyDocuments offers state-of-the-art document scanning services that quickly convert large volume of documents in Group IV TIFF or PDF images.  These images can be converted to searchable images (OCR). Each image is verified against its original hardcopy page-for-page to insure accuracy and quality.  We provide industry standard load files for review. Each load file is tested for accuracy and quality.


Imaging Services:

    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    • Coding
    • PDF/TIFF Conversion
    • Logical Document Determination
    • Electronic Page Numbering
    • Branding and Endorsement
    • Cloud based hosting service. Instantly and securely access your images
    • On-site Imaging available
    • Hard Copy Prints
    • Tiered pricing. The more you scan, the more you save!

DalyDocuments offers coding services. After your documents are imaged and OCR'd, the next process is classifying and organizing.  Coding is the process of entering metadata into specific data fields.  This process is both manual (subjective) and automatic (objective) and allows for understanding of each document and a completed load file.  Coding reduces review times and allows you to focus on key documents.


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