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DalyDocuments offers FREE expert case screening.  FREE expert recommendation & access to nurse consultants for review and analysis.  Help with getting medical record reviews done in a timely manner.  Speak about a case, receive guidance and walk through case needs, and receive medical advice.  FREE expert search for the most appropriate expert(s) needed to review your case. Customized selections based on medical facts of the case. You receive the information for FREE and you decide if you would like to proceed with medical record reviews and summary reports. Trial and deposition testimony also available.  The only time you are paying for an expert is when they are working on your case. You never pay to discuss a case with us, get a case screened, schedule any testimony or coordinate time to speak with or meet expert(s).  We handle the medical aspects of the case, along with the logistics, while you only pay for the experts time when working on your case.  Call or submit your case request today and rely on us for the careful medical analysis your case deserves.


 Our Commitment
 is to our Clients across the country

 Apex Expert Group

Medical-Expert Witness Review:

  • DalyDocuments provides attorney and insurance companies access to a preeminent, nationwide network of board certified Medical Experts.
  • For over 10 years, we have been trusted with numerous medical malpractice, personal injury, mass tort, class action and other medically related cases.
  • Medical Expert Witness network is based on quality over quantity.  With 2,500 plus Medical Experts nationwide, they make sure to pre-screen and accept only the highest quality Medical Experts who are leaders in their field.
  • We will search for, speak to, and conflict screen the experts that best match the needs of your case.
  • Your designated case manager will ensure your case is completed in a timely fashion.
  • Medical Experts are available for IME's, Trial and Deposition Testimony, Document Signatures, Written Reports & Additional Medical Expert Witness Services.

Legal Nurse Consulting:

  • Cases with gray areas?  Not sure how to proceed? Or just general questions you don't want to spend thousands of dollars pursuing?  CALL US - WE CAN HELP
  • Our nursing staff will review the facts of your case, thoroughly understand the issues and clarify any medically related questions. You will get the answers or guidance you need on how to proceed with your case. 
  • After you have chosen an expert, the case will be expedited to the expert for the initial review and opinion.
  • Provided summarization and analysis by categorization of events as:  pre-incident, incident, and post-incident.
  • Answer any questions you may have and detail any and all incomplete medical records.
  • Go paperless:  Finished reports hyper-linked to processed electronic medical records.
  • Immediate access to medical records and reports through our secured hosting site 
  • FREE standard ground shipping on all finished files, CD, and reports. 

Medical Record Chronology:

  • Best valued medical chronologies in the industry providing analysis and reporting for the legal and medical community.
  • Record chronologies save our clients time by providing a concise reference to all pertinent medical information, as well as money, by reducing the eventual review time spent by a Medical Expert.
  • All chronologies contain hyperlinks to the appropriate documentation for easy viewing.  Examples are available upon request.
  • Pristine medical record set is always maintained.
  • Medical records placed in chronological date order- Duplicates pages removed at NO additional CHARGE- saving you even more money.
  • Document classification (key documents are flagged/tabbed).
  • Electronic scan of all medical records made searchable and bookmarked.
  • Finished medical records are securely hosted online and a searchable CD is burned.
  • FREE standard ground shipping on all orders. 
  • We are always thorough, objective, timely and competitively priced.

What Does this Cost?
Record Chronology:
    • Chronology costs $0.12 per pg.
    • $0.48 per page Timeline and Chron Reports
    • NO charge on the duplicate pages removed and scanned
    • X-Ray's scanning available- inquire within for costs... 
Included Services:
    • Pristine set maintained throughout
    • Records placed in Chronological Date Order
    • Custom Tabs Inserted
    • Key Documents Flagged
    • Scanned to Searchable PDF
    • Electronically Page Numbered
    • Bookmarked & Hyperlinked
    • Finished File, Pristine Set, and Duplicate Pages burned onto a CD
    • X-Ray images added when appropriate 
    • Finished File Hosted on our Secure Site
    • Physical Set & CD shipped out- FREE standard ground shipping
    • Examples available upon request


Nurse Consulting: 
    • NO FEES for an Expert Search, Case Screenings and Recommendation
    • We will provide a time estimate for your approval based on the size of the case and complexity
    • Hourly rates are competitive & lower rates apply to large case volume chronology requests
    • A retainer payment equal to the time estimate is required and any unused time will be refunded back
    • Reports and Summaries are based on Volume of Medical Records:  range is typically between $85.00- $125.00 per hour depending on volume
Included Services:
    • Ask questions, review cases, run a case by a trained legal nursing professional
    • Receive Guidance and Walk through Case Needs 
    • Reserve an RN consulting session
    • Expert Search for the Most Appropriate Expert(s) needed to review your case
    • Customized Selections based on Medical Facts
    • We promise to Leverage our Medical Experts Relationship on your behalf  
    • Summarization and analysis by categorization of events
    • Up to 500pgs of Medical Record Chronology included at NO cost
    • We simply Share in the Fees of the Medical Expert if you Choose to Engage with their service
    • Examples available upon request

Medical Expert:
    • One Time Upfront Service Retainer Fee is Required- you only pay if you would like the review to proceed
    • If a Report is Required, this is completed outside of the Retainer at an Hourly Rate
    • Any Additional Work will be Billed at an Hourly Rate
    • Testimony or Deposition are daily rates and always paid upfront
Included Services:
    • Retainer Fee covers 3 Hours of the Medical Expert(s) Time and Verbal Opinion (most cases take an average of 3 hours to determine an opinion)
    • Retainer Payment Equal to the Time Estimate is required and any unused time will be refunded back
    • Medical Record Chronology included at NO cost 
    • All Fees are Transparent Prior to Choosing a Medical Expert and Vary based on the Experts Specialty and Background
    • Hourly Rates are Competitive & Lower Rates may Apply to Large Case Volume Chronology Requests. Call for Mass Tort Volume Rates
    • Client will be Notified if Additional Time Needs to be Authorized for the Initial Review and work will only continued if approved in advance
    • Our Fee schedules include the Initial Retainer Deposit, Hourly Rates and Fees for Testimony. We Negotiate our Fees and pass on the best rates.  Acquire within...
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