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DalyDocuments: When Writing Matters
can effectively train and coach your colleagues! Suffer through unclear writing no more. You'll find we have all the expertise you need to ensure your business writing becomes clear and to the point. We have nearly 40 years of nation-wide experience in training, coaching, and editing. Guaranteed results will raise productivity, build better rapport, project consistent professionalism, and increase sales and loyalty. Our passion is to help you with improving your Business and Technical Writing skills.  Fill out the request form, select one of the eCourses below, and you will immediately receive a quote with information and pricing.  CD with two bonus eCourses are included with every physically printed eCourse workbook. Electronic versions of each eCourse are available.  An online monthly membership service is also available. This service includes two general web-training sessions, corresponding eCourse workbooks, and weekly webinars; each month, for 6 months.  FREE standard ground shipping on all orders. Guaranteed satisfaction on every purchase with a no questions asked, 60-day money back guarantee.


DalyDocuments: When Writing Matters can significantly help you improve the writing at your organization. With nearly 40 years of nation-wide experience in training, and coaching employees to become better writers. We have all the expertise you need to ensure your business writing becomes clear and to the point through our full-day, on-premise workshops. Each workshop will result in better business writing for you and your colleagues and consists of 7 hours of certified classroom training. Workshops can be broken up into blocks of 4 hours, over several days, if needed. We're happy to fit our coaching and training workshops into whatever your schedule demands.  A one-time fee of $350.00 per course covers up to 7 hours of classroom training. This includes a 20- 30 min. phone consultation prior to the start of the course.  We will immediately address your needs and formulate a business writing solution. Our workshops are well-paced and designed for adult learners. Each workshop uses a comprehensive, 100 page eCourse.  For an additional fee, customization of each business writing workshop can be directed toward your companies particular need. Levels of customization can be applied to a specific need or generalized throughout your entire workshop. Send over writing samples prior to your workshop and we will address all of your business writing concerns. This extra customization fee includes printing and delivery of the physical eCourse workbook. The instructional eCourse workbook allows the attendees to follow along and participate with their trainer. Participation drills, skills tests, and writing examples are throughout. See how you measure up against your peers. The physical eCourse workbook comes with a Flash Drive; which contains a free "2016 Grammar Update" eCourse and a bonus 5x8 memory card. The memory card contains key points of the business writing eCourse and is yours to use in future business writings.  FREE standard ground shipping on all eCourse workbooks. Fill out a request form below and we'll immediately get back to you with consultation arrangements and costs.  Save over $14,000 from having 21 attendees take the full-day workshop versus taking, on their own, 2 individualized on-line training sessions.

 All the workshops are:
        • Customizable to your companies particular needs
        • Participant-focused
        • Discussion-based, Workflow-based, and Task-based
        • Relevant, High Value, with a Short Time Commitment
        • Outcome-driven

Broad-Focus Workshops

Specific-Focus Workshops

  • Clear Legal Writing Strategies (CLE Certified)
  • Writing High-Impact Email
  • Is Your Legal Writing Clear, Concise, and Effective?
  • Mastering Administrative Assistants' Writing Skills
  • Effective Financial Writing
  • Proofreading for Professionals
  • Essentials of Web-Writing
  • Making Social Media Writing Pop!
  • Customer-Focused Writing
  • Creating and Delivering High-Impact Presentations
  • Writing Proposals which Decision Makers Approve
  • Clear Writing which Drives Successful Projects
  • Refreshing Your Writing
  • Effective Medical Summaries & Written Reports
  • Clear Decision Writing
  • Coaching Others to Improve Their Writing
  • Writing Effective Policy, Procedure, and Manuals
  • What Matters Most in Business Writing

Your Benefits

When we train and coach, you gain:

  • Higher productivity
  • Improved professional rapport and respect
  • Increased sales
  • Stronger customer loyalty

Higher Productivity

Graduates from our workshops and coaching boost their productivity in three ways:

  • Writing will become more efficient. The complete range of business documents—from email to memos to customer letters to reports—will get out sooner.
  • Readers will respond more accurately and more quickly, with a need for fewer follow-ups.
  • Writers gain confidence, and with more confidence, they draft and edit even more rapidly.

Improved Professional Rapport and Respect

Readers expect communications to get points across clearly and concisely. Readers also appreciate communications that look professional and are error-free.

When your organization’s writing satisfy those desires, you’ll enjoy:

  • Projecting stronger professionalism
  • Creating better rapport
  • Earning more respect

Increased Sales

Two goals should tower above all others in selling with the written word:

  • Strong, relentless focus on what will benefit the readers
  • Ease for readers in taking the next step

Our writing workshops, coaching, and editing are rigorously designed and updated to  achieve both goals.

Stronger Customer Loyalty

Every year, customer expectations grow. And as you know, their loyalty is often becoming more scarce.

Strong writing skills can help attract, satisfy, and keep customers in these
challenging times. In particular, graduates of our workshops and coaching can:

  • Use the professional, yet personable tone that customers prefer
  • Identify with customer needs
  • Express more credible empathy, when appropriate
  • Send bad news communications that keep customers’ confidence and loyalty
  • Structure communications in line with contemporary customer reading patterns

      Certificate of participant given to each student after completion of training seminar

Broad Writing Needs:

  • Improving business writing: emails, memos, reports, letters, IM
  • Improving grammar, punctuation, usage
  • Improving technical writing
Specific Writing Needs:

Emails/Web Writing/Writing to Customers/Writing by Administrative Assistants

  • Making email fast and effective
  • Write so your website converts visitors to customers
  • Upgrading customer/client communications
  • Improving administrative assistants' writing


  • Creating and delivering presentations that engage, inform, and persuade
  • Ensuring project writing is concise, focused, and professional
  • Making writing proposals easier and more successful


  • Coaching others more effectively on their writing
  • Invigorating writing style that's competent but stale

Advanced Editing and Proofreading/100% Proofreading

  • Raising editing and proofreading competency
  • Developing thorough, professional competence in proofreading

Policies, Procedures, and Manuals

  • Making sure your policies, procedures, and manuals are clear and compelling


One-on-One Web-Training
Generalized Video-Training
Physical Workbooks
Online Membership Service


DalyDocuments: When Writing Matters  90-minute online presentations of all eCourse materials. Individualized one-on-one training with an overview of a particular eCourse tailored to your individual needs. Direct one-on-one coaching discussions will address your individual business writing questions and concerns. Writing samples reviewed and discussed with each participant during the training. Q/A session is included with each individualized one-on-one training session.  Cost: $287.00 per one-on-one 90 minute session.  A more Generalized Video-Training is also available. This 6 hour online video presentation offers a complete overview of each business writing eCourse and is based on general principles and directions.  Cost: $497.00 per session.  A physically printed eCourse workbook is included for no extra charge.  FREE standard ground shipping on all orders allows you to receive your eCourse workbook prior to your training.  Follow along with the trainer in real-time. Fill out the writing quizzes, take notes, and see how you measure up!  A Flash Drive with 2 bonus eBooks are included: "2016 Grammar Update" and "Time Management with eLearning."  Plus, an additional bonus, 5x8 memory card, containing key points of your writing eCourse is also included.  60-day money back guaranteed on all orders.


Writing Coaching and Training Process:

Do you have an individual whose writing needs serious improvement? We have a long, successful history of working with such individuals two ways:  at a distance or in person.

The process is simple:

    1. We assess the individual’s needs.
    2. We mentor, providing tailored, positive feedback during our 1 hr webinar
    3. We conclude, providing a map for future improvement.

We have provided this service for people in the widest range of roles: CEOs, IT managers, directors, attorneys, paralegals, sales representatives, those whose first language was not English, line managers, and customer service providers, to name a few.

Detailed Steps for Coaching and Training:

When professionals lack strong writing skills, they may lessen their own effectiveness—and that  of their organizations. The coaching process enables individuals to upgrade and refine their writing skills – and often never have to leave their desk. After completing the process, individuals consistently report that they:

  • Get their key points across more effectively.
  • Win the business (receive more positive responses from clients and readers).
  • Save time.

 The coaching process usually follows a sequence like this one.

  1. The process begins with the individual’s manager and our writing coach talking by phone about appropriate needs and outcomes.
  2. Next the individual collects and sends to the writing coach/consultant a representative sample of typical communications. These include emails.
  3. Once these samples arrive, the consultant contacts the individual by email to schedule the web training—the assessment session.
  4. At the assessment session, the consultant reviews the analysis of the individual’s writing strengths and limitations. Together, they then agree on the goals/objectives for the process, as well as the approximate time needed.
  5. The number of web training and of email interchanges required to fulfill the goals varies by individual.  Between three and five sessions/interchanges—spread out over three to twelve months—are usually sufficient to complete the process.  All work is scheduled at mutual convenience.

At the end of this coaching process, individuals develop a clear action plan to eliminate writing weaknesses and capitalize on writing strengths.

Individuals and their coaches usually find benefit in a follow-up check-in about six months after the formal end of coaching.  Coaching graduates report that they have become clearly more successful in communicating their ideas and influencing readers.

Need for Writing Coaching and Training:

Do you have talented individuals whose writing is holding them back as well hampering your organization?  They may work in any field, in any position including leadership.

You may have tried other solutions such as sending these individuals to classes. Or perhaps you or others have attempted doing the coaching internally.

Our expert writing coaches and trainers will focus on what matters most and carefully avoid the many traps that writing coaching can create.

Below are some of writing areas where we have successfully coached and trained individuals:

Leadership writing ♦ Reports ♦ Websites ♦ Proposals ♦ Emails, internal and external ♦ Presentations ♦ Business writing, from twitter and emails to white papers and reports  ♦ Technical writing, such as procedures or IT white papers ♦  Customer letters, emails, and instant messaging (IM)

Need:  Eliminate errors, sloppiness, unprofessional writing

Do writing errors such as misspellings and missing punctuation concern you?
Have you lost credibility or clients because of these errors?

Are you seeing errors in the following areas?
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Sentence structure
  • Run-on sentences
  • Sentence fragments
  • Passive sentences
  • Spelling
  • Capitalization, hyphenation, lists, and so on

Need: Improve presentations to better engage, inform, and persuade

“Making presentations” is becoming an increasingly common responsibility. Yet
effective presentations rely on many new and challenging skills.

Do presentations too often share in these shortcomings?
  • Failing to engage the audience
  • Lacking structure
  • Giving too much detail
  • Lacking confidence or showing anxiety
  • Allowing questions to sidetrack the presentation
  • Overwhelming the audience with text- or graphic-heavy PowerPoints

Need: Upgrade project writing to higher levels of conciseness, clarity, and impact

Do you or your project managers spot glaring inadequacies in project writing? Do you
have to revise the writing of others, such as project updates and reports?

Do you find writing on projects suffers from these shortcomings?
  • Wordy and rambling
  • Too much detail
  • Illogical and unfocused
  • Rushed, hurried, unprofessional in look and tone
  • Untimely
  • Failing to get results

Need: Write proposals that win more approvals

Does proposal writing eat up too much time and result in too few approvals?

Have you noticed proposals exhibiting the following problems?
  • Addressing the wrong audience
  • Lacking clear, compelling tone
  • Failing to provide overview or convincing arguments and details 

Need:  Improve clarity and impact of technical writing

Does technical writing too often confuse or overwhelm readers?

How many of these shortcomings are you seeing?

  • Too much detail
  • Too much jargon
  • Too little structure and blank space
  • Too hard to follow
  • Too little impact

Need:  Raising the impact of your policies, procedures, and manuals

Do you have policies, procedures, and manuals the people ignore? Find boring or unusable? Do those responsible for updating these important documents find the task so unattractive they produce inferior updates?

Do you have concerns about the writing of policies, procedures, or manuals such as:
  • It's hard to find specific topics or guidelines
  • People ignore, fail to follow your organization's rules
  • The writing is to dull and impersonal, almost no one can bear to read it

Need: Improving customers/ clients communications

What do customers think of your organization’s written communications? Dull, wordy, sloppy, or canned? Is overall writing productivity low? Has an important
client been upset or lost upon receiving a poor-quality communication?

Is writing to customers failing because of any of these traits?

  • Rambling, unfocused
  • Unattractive look on page or screen
  • Customer-unfriendly tone
    • Too rushed and rude
    • Condescending
    • Irritated
    • Sloppy
  • Low productivity in responding to customers

Need: Develop top-notch professional proofreading skills

Does your organization rely on specific individuals to proofread important
documents? Are their talents too scarce or too unreliable?

Are these shortcomings too common to the proofreading efforts?

•  Missing errors that cause embarrassment or worse problems
•  Failing to meet deadlines
•  Getting frustrated or anxious because of work overload
•  Lacking others to share in the proofreading responsibilities


DalyDocuments: When Writing Matters has eBooks of all courses available for separate purchase.  Secured, digital downloads offer instant access to your specific eCourse. 60- 100 pages of precise instructions guaranteed to help improve your business writing skills within each writing discipline for $37.00 each.  Printed versions of each eCourse workbook are available for $47.00 each. These eCourse workbooks are twin-loop bound, full color, double-sided on premium paper with front and back cover-stock. CD insert with your eCourse workbook contains two additional "2016 Grammar Update" and "Time Management with eLearning" eBooks for FREE. Yours to keep, regards if you return the eCourse. An extra bonus, 5x8 memory card containing key points of your writing eCourse is also included.  FREE standard ground shipping on all print orders.  60-day money back guarantee on all orders.     

Many eCourse workbooks to choose from:

Broad-Focus Course Workbooks:

Specific-Focus Course Workbooks:

  • Writing High-Impact Email
  • Is Your Legal Writing Clear, Concise, and Effective?
  • Mastering Administrative Assistants' Writing Skills
  • Effective Financial Writing
  • Proofreading for Professionals
  • Essentials of Web Writing
  • Making Social Media Writing Pop!
  • Customer-Focused Writing
  • Creating and Delivering High-Impact Presentations
  • Writing Proposals which Decision Makers Approve
  • Clear Writing which Drives Successful Projects
  • Refreshing Your Writing
  • Effective Medical Summaries & Written Reports
  • Clear Decision Writing
  • Coaching Others to Improve Their Writing
  • Writing Effective Policies, Procedures, and Manuals
  • What Matters Most in Business Writing


Online Membership Service

DalyDocuments: When Writing Matters offers Monthly Membership Service. This service allows for instant, online access to our Generalized Web-Training Sessions and eCourse workbooks.  Two Generalized Web-Training Sessions, and their corresponding eCourse/ Workbook are provided every-other week for 6 months.  Watch at your own pace.  Two live webinars, with Q/A sessions, will follow the week after each Generalized Web-Training Session is hosted. This allows you to ask the instructor any direct questions you may have.  Once the webinars are over, the sessions will be hosted and available for future review.  Cost: $85.00 per subscriber, per month, over 6 months.  You will gain secured, digital download access to our private website, which is updated weekly.  Each membership attendee receives secured and individualized, password protected access.  An eBook of the course is made available during each presentation.  A physically printed eCourse workbook is also FREEThese eCourse workbooks are shipped directly to you prior to any scheduled General Web-Training Session.  eCourse workbooks contain a FREE memory card, which covers the key aspects of the business writing eCourse.  Read up and prepare ahead of time or just follow along during the training session.  Membership participants are asked for a 6-month commitment.  30-day Money back guarantee, cancel at any time.  FREE standard ground shipping on all printed workbooks.  You save over $4,200.00 from purchasing the General Video-Training sessions and physical workbooks separately, over 6 month time. 
  • Major savings over purchasing and viewing each course separately
  • Review at your own pace, on-demand
  • Twice monthly, instant access to generalized web training video sessions and eCourses
  • Print versions of each eCourse is shipped FREE of charge prior to each session
  • Cancel at any time, 6-month commitment encouraged 
  • Keep all your eCourse presentations and workbooks for future reference

Meeting Writing Needs — Three Case Studies

Three Cases: 1) Email, 2) Templates, and 3) Writing Gaps 

Need # 1

Everyone in a large IT division knew that email problems were getting worse: abrupt, sloppy, or wordy emails were too common. Both performance and morale were affected.

Didn't you read my email?” was a surefire way to get a rueful laugh at meetings. “Sorry” was the honest answer. Many key emails were getting ignored, disrupting or derailing critical projects.

Solution # 1

The solution was team training. After sampling the division’s email, we customized a half-day writing training. This workshop focused on the most up-to-date guidelines and etiquette for effective email.

After the training, at the division’s request, we analyzed the impact of the training and developed a yearly refresher workshop. In this way, key guidelines would be reinforced and participants would be updated on the latest word in email.

Need # 2

In a customer service department, each representative had to write an average of ten letters and thirty emails to customers each day. Many of the templates they used were out of date. Sometimes the template used did not really fit the intricate, unique problems, annoying customers.

Working on complex problems, some representatives were three months behind in responding to customers; in addition, management was concerned about the poor quality of what they sent.

Solution # 2

This solution had three parts.

First, we designed a set of well-written form letters and emails. Representatives used these templated communications to resolve repetitive customer concerns.

Second, we trained the representatives, giving them the writing skills they needed to efficiently respond to odd or unusual situations.

Third, we trained supervisors and managers to work constructively with employee writing after the initial training.


Need # 3

A technically gifted professional was promoted to a management position. For the first time in her career, her writing gaps were exposed. Her direct reports complained that her communications were hard to read and understand. She too was struggling, sometimes taking an entire morning to produce a four-paragraph memo.

Solution # 3

The solution was individual coaching. One of our consultants worked with this manager for five one-hour sessions, spread out over several months. She was able to develop her writing skills by building on her already-strong foundation of technical skills. The individual quickly—and permanently—learned to use writing as a powerful tool to get consistently positive reader responses.

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